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Our Story

LADRU IV is a Madison-area provider of luxury IV Drip Therapy. Women-owned and operated, LADRU IV is a team of professionally trained individuals who are committed to your well-being.


LADRU IV is equally committed to supporting its medical professionals and a portion of each IV Drip Therapy goes directly to that nurse. We want to start this business slow and steady as we add nurses and days available for IV drips. 







Meet The Team

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Donna Goodrich RN

Donna has been in healthcare her whole career since 2005 and with 18 years of being a registered nurse. Her experience covers family medicine, the emergency department and pre operative, postoperative and recovery room nursing at a local Surgery Center.

I enjoy my job and the ability to care for my patients. I look forward to bringing my experience and love of patient care to this new venture with LADRU.

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